Amnplify Interview with Chris & Paul

Amnplify Interview

Interview with Kingsford Smith Band 

Written by Peter 

Kingsford Smith in name, Smithies in short, Paul & Chris are Country Rock duo Kingsford Smith.  The band hails from the South-East Coast region of Melbourne, Victoria and is starting to set the country rock circuit ablaze with their catchy tracks, charm and down to earth mentality. 

With a new album up for release (later in the year) and a single edging to drop in the coming week, Kingsford Smith A.K.A Smithies is a must band to watch for all you Amnplify country music lovers. Today I am here with Paul & Chris and will be talking all things Kingsford Smith. 

Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule Paul& Chris, I have been reviewing your music and I must say that I am personally blown away with the overall album and especially the lead single She Is Gone. Can you tell us more about this single? 

Paul: Glad you enjoyed it! She is gone was the last song we wrote and recorded. Originally we were going to release an EP and during the recording process we wrote a few more tracks and thought we should expand it to an LP. In a nutshell my wife was away a lot and life always seemed a little empty when she was gone, hence the song. 

Chris: Really enjoyed singing this song. Love the harmonies Brittini put down. Gives it a haunting, lonely, driving late at night quality. 

With a band name such as Kingsford Smith, I can’t help but to ask the question (wait for it)…. Who is the aviator enthusiast in the band? 

Chris: Not so much a flying enthusiast but I love an Aussie icon. And Smithie was a legend. Also just like the way the name flows. 

Paul: As a kid (and an adult) I was fascinated with planes, still to this day if I’m working near the airport I’ll park for lunch at the back of the runway and watch them land or take off. I know its atrocious but until the name was suggested I didn’t know who Sir Charles Kingsford Smith was. I do now. 

Would you consider Kingsford Smith as a trendsetter as far as your musical diversity goes compared to the country music that’s currently out there? 

Paul: Haha, Im not sure you would classify us as trend setters however you couldn’t call our music traditional Aussie Country or American Country either. I think we have a pretty diverse collection of songs which reside on the cusp of what’s considered country music. I tend to write music that I’d like to listen to, and I have pretty wide music tastes and influences so I guess that’s why all the songs are so different. When I am writing I tend not to think so much about if the style of the song is country enough or not country enough. But it always has that country spin to it.  Chris is much more the trendsetter than I am. 

Chris: Well I think we sound different in that I had a rock/bluesy background before I got “countrified” (which is the name of album), and that comes through in the vocals. Tracks like She Is Gone and a couple of others are pretty different musically. 

So I noticed that you have known each other since you were toddlers, how did your musical journey evolve from the playpen (so to speak) to the studio? 

Chris: Yeah we’ve been mates over 20 years! Played in a few bands together that were great fun. We always clicked musically so when Pauly started writing we hooked up I added my flavor to his great song writing and it just worked. So here we are. 

Paul: Not quite toddlers but long enough that its hard to remember. Chris and I have been mates for a long time. We have a few social ventures we indulge in. But when I started to write I asked if he was interested in being involved and he was. We get along really well, he was the only real choice! 

I hear you both are working class men? How do you find mixing your 9 to 5 jobs with your music? Do you have flexibility with work or are you locked in and have to work your music around your jobs? 

Paul: I wish it was 9 to 5! Its really hard sometimes but we decided that we were going to do this (Kingsford Smith) and give it a good hard crack. Fortunately I am self employed so I can take a few hours off here and there. Its quite an expensive process which is the reason its taken 3+ years to get to this point. 

Chris: Yeah working for ourselves certainly lets us be flexible with time. So the band fits in quite well. Though we freaked out Phil our engineer with an 8am start in the studio once. 

Hard working men / musicians such as yourself must have a strict diet to keep up with the work and play demand, what’s your calm me down after a hard day on the field? 

Chris: Me.. I got a little caravan, so going up on the Goulburn River in front a fire, a nice bottle of wine with friends really chills me out and breaks the routine. 

Paul: With working insane hours its really hard to eat well. My wife works crazy hours too so we tend to eat separately which makes it even harder. But I try…. Usually my calm me down is to watch some comedy or listen to music. I can relax really easily and turn my mind off so I don’t really have a regime to relax or calm down.  Haven’t been to the caravan yet though! 

You latest album showcases a diverse range of songs, from upbeat country rock to slow, yet almost adult contemporary ballads with a roots edge. Do you have any personal favorites on the album? 

Paul:  Every new track is my favorite. After a while you’ve heard them so many times that the new one becomes a front runner. Its probably easier to ask which ones I like least. They’re the ones that I sing lol If I have to answer I’d have to say Friday Night. It’s a fun track. 

Chris: Hmmm For me. I’d say Since you been gone. Love a good ballad. 

When choosing your debut single out of an album full of brilliant songs, how hard was this to do and what made you settle on ‘She is Gone’ as a debut release? 

Chris: After much deliberation, soul searching, market analysis and sleepless nights we flipped a coin. Nahh Just love She Is Gone as it has a point of difference to what we typically hear out there. 

Paul: I think we just chose the one that had the most appeal. 

So what’s next on the menu for Kingsford Smith, where can we see and hear you? 

Paul: Next is get out play. We’re hoping to get on the road towards the end of the year when the floods have subsided and we have access to rural areas. 

Chris: Yeah Gotta start giggin’ Get our ugly heads out there. 

 Listen to She Is Gone HERE 

Connect with Kingsford Smith – Official Website

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