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Amnplify Interview with Chris & Paul 

Amnplify Interview

Interview with Kingsford Smith Band 

Written by Peter 

Kingsford Smith in name, Smithies in short, Paul & Chris are Country Rock duo Kingsford Smith.  The band hails from the South-East Coast region of Melbourne, Victoria and is starting to set the country rock circuit ablaze with their catchy tracks, charm and down to earth mentality. 

With a new album up for release (later in the year) and a single edging to drop in the coming week, Kingsford Smith A.K.A Smithies is a must band to…

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Interview with Cool Try 

Tell us about The Kingsford Smith? What’s behind the name? 

The name was suggested to us by a friend as a cool sounding name for a country music band. Not being up with our history as well as we should and not realizing that the Sydney Airport was called the same name, we found out when we came to register the domain that there was this famous fellow who was an aviator called Sir Charles Kingsford Smith and the SYD airport was named after him. 

How did the band start? 

We started out just writing music…

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