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  Countrified: Being the title track to our upcoming album. Countrified is a Country Rock track with a Bluesy edge and sure to create some texture in comparison to our previously released songs. We are really proud of this one and hope you enjoy it too! Head to our online shop here to purchase come 7th October.

New single ready to launch! 

First of all.... MASSIVE thanks to Kix Country and all the other networks that have played our most recent single She is Gone and supported us.

But really.... why stop at one?

Our next single will be a dual release, with music video. We're going old school (figuratively speaking) with an 'A' & 'B' side 45 style!
We're excited, an uptempo country rock track we're sure you will enjoy. 

So stay tuned, watch this space and most importantly, switch on your local country music station to hear it.
If they arnt playing it, get on their request line lol

We'll get you a date shortly!