Vaughan Jones is currently touring with Troy Cassar-Daley's "Freedom Ride" Tour and has been in demand as a session and touring musician for the past 22 years. With an early career supporting major label acts across the USA, to his return to Australia , Vaughan has been a member of Troy Cassar-Daley’s band for the past 10 years. Adam Harvey's touring band for almost 20 years and also regularly plays with acts such as Busby Marou and has performed with Pop acts Guy Sebastian and Jessica Mauboy.

Now Kingsford Smith knows VJ personally, and there is no doubt that he is one of, if not the most, relaxed bloke on the face of the planet!
It could have something to do with the fact he lives 10 steps from the beach in sunny QLD, that or the amount of SUP'ing he does in the bay near his home! You would expect his playing to be the same but he tinkles out some extraordinarily difficult chops the like that not many could emulate!

He is one super cool cat, and we are privileged to have him lend his talent to our music.

A native of Melbourne and a graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) and Monash University, Chris works in a variety of settings and projects as a drummer, composer, producer and/or leader.

The piano trio Refraction, of which he leads, released their debut album As We Were (which features original bassist Marty Holoubek) last year and it was nominated as a finalist in the top five of The Age Music Victoria Genre Awards 2015 for Best Jazz Album. Their follow-up album Inerrant Space was released in May this year. In 2015 he also released Pieces, the first recording of his jazz-groove-fusion project The Public Division.

As part of fusion trio EQ, Chris along with guitarist Chris Bieniek and bassist Kit Riley have released two recordings – the self-titled debut in 2007 and its follow-up To Speak in 2012. Both albums were released on Australian jazz-fusion label Vorticity Music.

Chris also plays with alt. country singer/songwriter Duncan Phillips’ band The Long Stand whose debut album The Wilderness was released in July this year, and with singer/songwriter Monique Brumby.

We have had the pleasure of knowing Chris for many years, he has also toured with The Sunny Cowgirls and if we're lucky he may with us too!
Chris played on our single "Since you've been gone" & "Lost in You" along with another 5 tracks from our debut album. 


Fronting his own band Tank Dilemma, Richard’s keyboard style borrows from the very best in soul, blues, swing and funk. ‘Tank’ as he’s known is also a highly sought after session guy with a long history in the music industry and for a time in 'Thing of Stone & Wood'. Hailing from Warnambool, Victoria we were searching for a keyboard player for a few tracks and being a friend of Phil Butson, asked if he would lend his talents. The answer was yes and the next time he was in Melbourne he did his thing and as a result we have him tickling the ivories on 3 of our songs.  

PHIL BUTSON - Guitar, Mandolin & Recorder

Phil engineered our album and really wanted to play on it too, being a bit of a hack we umm'd and ahh'd then reluctantly caved, if for no other reason than to stop his incessant whining! You can hear his attempts on 'Friends', 'Summertime - Robe', 'Live to be 100' & a few others. Its amazing what you can do in a studio!


CHRIS HYDE - Vocalist


PAUL WITHERS - Singer/Songwriter/Musician

They say "If you wish to do well, surround yourself with people at the top of their field."

Having limited experience and nothing else really but a bucket list item that was to record a few songs, Paul set out to write and see if he had anything worth contributing. Having been involved in the music industry most of his life and playing with a few big acts he had always wanted to record his own music.

The first song he ever wrote was "Lost in you" followed by another 3 or 4 that never made the album and may never make one. Encouraged by a friend to persist he went on to write "Summertime (Robe)" about a holiday to the South Australian coast with old friends and "Since you've been gone".
These were going to be the 3 on the EP which was started in 2013. It was a project that progressed finances permitting. As the small project was being done he continued to write and with friends saying that the songs were getting better, were slowly added to the EP. 

Wanting to do something worthwhile with skilled musicians he slowly began to reach out via an existing network of friends already established in the Country Music industry to solicit some amazing local players. Through talks and discussions his gaze shifted to stretch overseas to Nashville Tennessee in the US where he continued his search for top players and with a little luck managed to get some of the greats.

So what began as an EP became a full LP and with the assortment of talent in the mix the Kingsford Smith sound that you hear on the Album came into existence. It was never designed to grow the way it has and now with over 5 songs being played on country music radio through 400+ stations large and small and a Music Video on CMC Nationally, Kingsford Smith is growing in the industry and tours at the end of 2017 are being booked.